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Hello there! Welcome to my little website, livid☆dreams. I share my creations, interests, thoughts, and useful resources here. I hope you enjoy your stay! ♥

10/15/20 - The best page ever!


Good evening to you, friends! I am proud to announce that I have added the best page ever. A page full of extremely terrible jokes! The content is a little sparse because I came up with all of those puns myself! I can't just sit down and write puns on command; they must come to me in a burst of inspiration. Enjoy all the laughs and/or groans you shall surely get from them.

Two new PMD-related drawings are now in the Art Gallery. The amazing thing is that they both have actual backgrounds! The first piece is of my boyfriend's rescue team, Team Totochick, in the post-ending reunion scene. The other drawing is based on a question he asked while playing the game: "Does Pelipper get angry if you let your mailbox fill up?" Pelipper doesn't get mad; in fact, he doesn't show up if your mailbox is full. We thought it would be funny if he did get angry, though.

I added exactly 4 buttons and 2 blinkies to the my collection. Yeah. I also added/moved around a tiny bit of my links.

I'm thinking about writing a journal entry tonight, although it will be a bit of a downer. That's about everything for now. I hope to see you around! Take care of yourself.

— Gray ♥

10/4/20 - I hope this update makes sense, I am really tired


Good evening, everyone!

The site now has a Cbox chat box. I had seen other sites use it, but I didn't realize they were Cboxes. I remember those from the ye olde Pokémon fansite days. I do miss the old look, but change isn't always bad. :P You can now contact me through the chat box. I have not been using my e-mail or Discord lately because my energy is limited. Socialization, even with friends and other nice people, can be draining. Talking a bit in a chat box is easier for me than having a long conversation. Anyway, enough about me!!! More about the site!

I added 3 new pieces of art. Two are silly MS Paint drawings, and one is a drawing of my Rescue Team DX team, Team Doofgoofs, named after my boyfriend (Treecko) and myself (Mudkip). I also added 9 new photos, featuring a few neat insects.

I've got an idea for a new page, and I will be working on it behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

— Gray

10/1/20 - Today's episode of File Hoarders


The first day of Halloween is finally here! I've been working on a few things around the site today.

I added a Collections page to showcase all of the web graphics that I hoard compulsively. I spent an hour organizing them all by color, because I am weirdly obsessive...

I added several links to Cool Sites. I created a few buttons for sites that lacked them. In the future, I intend to replace every text link on that page with a button. I set out to accomplish that today, but I ran out of ideas and energy.

New drawings and photos are coming soon, possibly next week. I just have to take time to upload them. After today, I am sick of grappling with files. Organizing 90+ blinkies... I am a madman.

That's all for today!

— Gray

9/30/20 - Halloween is coming!


It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's time to get SPOOKY! But not scary... I'm a scaredy-cat.

You may have noticed that I've revamped the site's layout once again. I liked having a mobile-friendly layout, but I ended up disliking the design as it looked on desktop. So, I created a separate mobile version of the site. (You are here! Incredible!) I've added a splash page to the index in order to direct visitors to either version of the site.

The styleswitcher has also returned! The new style features Lucario dressed up for Halloween. It's somewhat based on my old, scrapped Umbreon layout. Surely, you will all be furious to learn that I used a table layout template. Since HTML tables are intended for data, using them for layouts is apparently considered incorrect, but I just really like tables... and I got tired of trying to wrangle CSS. Hey, I have limited energy these days. Unfortunately, the styleswitcher is not available on mobile. Apologies to my mobile peeps.

Let's see, some other updates: I edited most pages on the site. I gave my link buttons their own page, in order to avoid further confusion. I added to the Toy Box and Cool Sites (formerly Cool Links) pages. I organized a ton of files behind the scenes.

We shall wait and see what the future holds! Currently, I have more time to work on the site, but I still have stress in my personal life.

Until next time, smell ya later!

— Gray