Hello there! Welcome to my little website. I hope you enjoy your stay! ♥

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1.19.21 — Indecision strikes again!

Guess who changed their layout again? It was ME! *maniacal laughter* No, seriously, I'm extremely indecisive... but I feel like the 2-column layout is a nice change of pace and actually differs enough from my old layouts. I used CSS Grid and found it works fantastic for positioning!

The header image is of my fursona, Zero. Zero was my fursona as a teenager, and I recently decided to reconnect with them. I like Bert, but she doesn't really fit me. I'm also working on a header image for the Sayoko theme, so hopefully I will finish it in a timely manner!

As promised, I've uploaded my recent artwork. There are a few pieces that I am quite proud of, so please check them out! (Side note, if you happened to see any of my works posted on Instagram, don't worry, that's a-me!)

I added some new links to some sites I've found recently. I added a handful of graphics to my collection. That's all for today!

— Ever Gray

1.14.21 — It's been 3,000 years...

Hello everybody. It's been a while! Due to stressful changes and problems in my personal life, I haven't been able to work on the site a whole lot. :c Now that I am getting used to how things are, I hope to return to updating the site again. I really missed it.

I've finally created a new layout. I haven't actually created a proper banner image, so Mr. OWO is watching over us as a placeholder. I may end up tweaking it some more, but I'm satisfied with the general look for now. The original pale blue style will return in a later update, as I'd like to draw a new banner image for that one, too.

The only new content I've added so far is a PMD fanfic. I plan to upload my recent artwork over the weekend. For now, I am quite tired, and I think this is a good stopping point.

— Ever Gray